The Best European Face Moisturizers
Why does it seem that European women never age? Often times as they gain sex appeal and class, their skin reflects this essence,
this glow. What do European women know that we Americans haven’t caught on to yet? I took a look at six different European skin
care lines and their very best moisturizers. I found the perfect picks for the overly dry skin that will restore moisture and balance,
while protecting and hydrating your pours to create an illuminating glow. Just as we tire of styles and trends, our skin is no different.  
Keep your mind open to new brands and your face flawless with these luxurious formulations.
THI3 Intensive
A concentrated
designed to
restore skin
moisture, comfort
and hydration.
Get the protection
your face deserves
and glow you
desire. (
Korres, a Greek company that
formulates their products for
varying skin types using an
ancient philosophy of organic and
hydroponic ingredients. The
Yogurt Cream utilizes
ultra-soothing natural lactose
proteins, vitamins, and minerals to
restore moisture and balance to
the skin. (
Moisture Matte
great for oily or
acne prone skin,
this potion
anti-bacterial and
properties. The
magic ingredient
must be the
Sodium PCA,
which is an amino
acid that
increases the skins
ability to retain
moisture. (
Verattiva Daily Revitalizing & Protective Face
is a high tech skin care line focused on
repairing skin at the molecular level, Verattiva
promises to improve skin elasticity. (
Starts at $29)
The “crème d la crème” of
French skin care products is
Simone France French
. This super-rich high
performance anti-aging
formulation is meant to firm
the skin, and soothe fine
facial lines.  This magic
potion can be used as a day
or a night cream. (
LIZ EARLE Superskin Moisturizer is designed to rejuvenate
mature or very dry skin, a fragrance free moisturizer that
contains high quality naturally active ingredients. (
By Kristine Hartman
Lab Series (ELC)